"You were dead on about getting both DHBC & DHWA. 1542 miles in 5 days. We found your books to be an incredible asset!"
Lonnie V 

"I stopped at your booth to tell you how impressed I was with DHBC when you pitched me on DHWA. I started to protest, stating that I have never even ridden there but then I realized that if Washington was worth you guys covering, certainly it must be worth me checking out. Dave T
See map below (and underneath the map why you should consider getting DH NorCal also)

Not to up-sell you or anything, but if you're thinking of buying only DHBC or DHWA, there are very good reasons (other than the $10 you'll save for buying both from us, of course) why you should consider getting both books at the same time.

New Zealand is justly renowned as a motorcycling destination. And it is great we like it so much we've gone there three times ourselves. But we maintain that you can have an equally good motorcycling experience in BC and WA courtesy of their high mountains and deep valleys, always a classic indicator of great motorcycle roads. And your experience in either is even better when you ride them both together.  

When we head out from Vancouver to (generally) the best concentration of great riding in BC (in the Kootenays) we ALWAYS go one way through Washington to maximise our riding pleasure. And we're not alone: Over 70% of WA and BC riders who buy one book from us online, eventually buy the other. The smartest ones save another $20 on the second Gold Edition, get 'em both at the same time and immediately start using them together. (Of course, the real geniuses pick up the DH NorCal Gold Edition at the same time and save another $20, for a total savings of $50 on buying all three Gold Editions at the same time. For more info on why you might want to consider getting DHNCA at the same time as DHBC and DHWA, check under the BC/WA map below.)

Why do the smart riders get both DHBC and DHWA? Well, we are blessed to have the fabulous biking we have next to each other in BC and Washington State. And some of the best riding in both is right up against the border of the other.  Not only that but the motorcycling in BC and WA offers equally good but different experiences, because of the different topography. A lot of this great riding is within a couple hundred miles of the joint border. If you ride one without the other, you will only have HALF the pleasure you could be having.

If you live in the Lower Mainland, DHWA1 and back is a day trip (but there are many options to droning down I5 or Hwy 9 and then out the boring part of Hwy 20 to get to it). Your best source of day and two day trips is just across the border in the north of the Puget Sound Region where there are actually a lot less people  (until you get to Greater Seattle) and a lot more and better biking roads than exist in the Fraser Valley. If you live in BC's Okanagan or Kootenay Regions and aren't checking out the remote, lightly populated Okanogan Highlands and Northeast Regions, criss-crossed with DHs and TEs  just south of you in WA state, you're missing some of the best riding nearby.

Greater Seattlites similarly shouldn't miss the fabulous biking the deep valleys and high mountains in BC readily provide. Spokanites, Idahoans and Montanans should experience the justly fabled nearby Kootenays (including DHBC1).

And if you live on Vancouver Island or on/near the Olympic Peninsula or in the Puget Sound region, the Black Ball Ferry running between Victoria and Port Angeles and the Sidney to Anacortes Washington State ferry should be two of your best used resources. 

Obviously, riders visiting either BC or WA shouldn't make the mistake of passing up the great riding in one or the other. 

So, you can see why we'd be completely remiss if we didn't suggest you get both books and ride both jurisdictions. Your life will be immeasurably improved by following this advice, trust us. And, not incidentally, so will ours. 

If you use just one of our books on a trip, no question, you will have one of the best riding experiences of your life (See Testimonials
). If you use both DHBC & DHWA, it will be even better. Guaranteed. If you don't agree, just mail the book you weren't going to buy back to us and we'll refund your money for the second book, as well as whatever it cost you to ship it back to us, no questions asked. (We may silently question your sanity, though...)

By the way, many people have asked us when is the best time to ride in BC and WA. Although the hottest months in the Pacific Northwest are generally Jul and Aug (and it gets damn hot, especially east of the Cascade/Coast Ranges, where two thirds of the great WA and BC riding lie), our recommended time to ride is in Sep, right after the labour day weekend. The weather in Sep is generally consistently good and still warm, while most of the tourist traffic is off the road and the tourist service providers are much less busy.  The riding can be spectacular anytime but is somehow particularly entrancing when experienced through the prism of Sep's white light.

Why you might want to get DH NorCal even if you live in WA or BC:

  • Northern California is not as far away as you think. When in southern WA, keep this in mind: from Portland to the first two NorCal DHs is only 283 no-brain I-5 mi. (Add just a few more days onto your southern WA trip and experience the fabulous riding in CA on the same trip.)

  • Consider that DH NorCal, covering just half the state has 334 DHs and TEs, only 13 less than the entire state of WA.

  • You can ride earlier and later in the year in CA, which can extend your riding season at either end.

  • If you buy DH NorCal, you will ride there, because once you get the book in your hands, you won't be able to stay away! If you don't buy it, who knows, you may never ride there. And we can tell you this: your life as a rider will have been much better having ridden NorCal (if you ride it like a local) than not having done so.

  • Buy all three Gold Editions (book and Companion Map) from us at the same time and you'll save a total of $50 ('Cmon, if you're a serious rider, lookin' for the best riding,  you're going to get them sooner or later anyway! Might as well save the coin...)

  • Need more convincing? 

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