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"A Godsend! Riders spend hours searching for opinions and secret roads that can be found at their fingertips in mere seconds here."

Our 34,000 mi (54,000 km) of research riding in NorCal guarantees the finest curated collection of NorCal motorcycle roads that gives you something no other app, GPS device, website, forum, book or map can: comprehensive knowledge of where all the best NorCal roads are and what they're like.

Our apps come in two versions, the base version shown below and the GPS app version. Think of the GPS version as the base app PLUS full turn-by-turn GPS capability (including route building). To get a better idea of what the GPS app gives you in total, check out the screenshots/descriptions for the GPS app as well.

As with the GPS app, many riders will still want a hard-copy, synthetic Companion Map for the excellent ”big picture” route planning context it provides. Waterproof and double the scale of most normal fold-up maps, it will speeds up your use of the app, whether you’re choosing the closest single DH or TE to ride, or building a multi DH/TE route.

Once you have the app, use “Contact Us” within the app to ask us for a discount code to use when buying the Companion Map from our website.

What riders say:

"If you ride motorcycles on-road in NorCal, treat yourself to this app. Highly recommended! I have used the books/Companion Maps for years. The best way to plan anything from a one hour twisty ride to a several day tour."

"I've been playing around with the app for a bit. It works great and I really like the feature of being able to link to the video footage!!!
Great job and thanks again for the app!!!

"This thing is great. I have the books maps and now digital! These guides save time and make for more ride time!"

"Won a copy of DH NorCal app and have it on my iPad. It's phenomenal!"


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To buy the base DH NorCal app on iTunes, just click on "Available on the App Store" link below. Or use your device to buy it directly from the App Store. (NOTE: if you have both iPhone/Pad devices, the app will install on both)
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The following are DH NorCal iPad screenshots. Click on any image to enlarge it. Click on enlarged image to remove it.

DH NorCal "Home Page", your gateway to the finest curated collectiion of 334 Destination Highway (DH) and Twisted Edge (TE) motorcycle roads in Northern California. Always along for the ride, nestled in one tiny corner of your iPad (and iPhone), until you need it!

The DH NorCal app looks really good on the iPhone but it looks even better on the iPad, especially the maps with all that extra real estate. Many riders will still want a hard copy Companion Map for the really "big picture" context it provides.

The DH NorCal coverage area's 11 Regions (plus the TEs in the Bay Area and Central Valley that are not affiliated with DHs). The Half State Map showing you the Regional breakdown in the coverage area. Everything north to Oregon from Santa Cruz over to Fresno and the Nevada border.
Bay Area - Santa Cruz Mtns Regional Map. This shows you context for all the DHs and TEs within the Region. DHs and TEs in other Regions that happen to show on this map are in green


Gold Country Regional Map What exactly is DH NorCal?
Whether you live in NorCal or you've never ridden here before, you don't have to "ride like a tourist"


What you need to know about touring in NorCal. Some of the many ways you can search for DHs (and their attendant TEs.)
This is a "By Region" search for the Russian Coast. Touch a DH or TE search result for Details/Map(s).

If your device has GPS capability it will tell you how far you are from the results of a "Find DHs/TEs" search (You do NOT have to be online or using your data plan.)
"Show Details" (from the previous shot). DH5 looks good, no? With 82.5/100 points it's ranked 5th among all DHs in NorCal, hence it becomes DH5. Total points is a pretty blunt number though, you need to zero in on the numbers in the individual categories that most appeal to you.

And don't worry now about what the numbers mean. Once you ride a few DHs they'll start to make a whole lot of sense comparatively by the seat of your pants.

Then you'll be able to use the numbers as an indicator ("I want as much as possible of this") or a contra-indicator ("Whoa, that's too much for me") depending on what and how you ride, or even how many miles you've put on that day, or even what the weather or your mood is currently.

DH5's "Show Local Map" (from three shots ago) showing you the DH and the two TEs affiliated with it (any other DHs/TEs or parts thereof that happen to show on DH5's map, show up in green).

There are 1-3 Local Map(s) to show you each DH and its TEs. (Notice the Regional Map button for larger scale context.)

Russian Coast Regional Map showing you the context of DH5 (top left) with all the other DHs & TEs within the Region. DH5's "On The Road" mi-by-mi chronicle of the ride.
Your "Find DH" searches can be "filtered" various ways. This is the no-filter default. User set Filter DHs. (Notice the black numbers on the right have changed from the previous shot's default settings)

You can also choose to display/not display TEs if you are just focussing on DHs.
Find DHs/TEs by Region (Filter DH setting: TEs display ON)
Find DHs/TEs by Region (Filter DH setting: TEs display OFF) Dealers are searchable by brand/radius. This is the top of the all-brand/total NorCal search. If your device has GPS capability it will tell you how far away the dealers are from your current location. (You do NOT have to be online or using your data plan.)
Dealer details. Touch the phone number to call their service department and arrange replacement of that rubber you just noticed has only about 100 mi left on it.
Companion Map Side 1 (swipe left to see Side 2) Companion Map Side 2. DH maps all look good on the iPhone but because of the screen size, they look even better on the iPad! Companion Map Side 2, zoomed in. DH maps look good on the iPhone but because of the screen size, they look even better on the iPad!

Many riders have told us they will still take along their hard copy synthetic Companion Map for the really "big picture" context it provides, and to help speed up your use of the app, so you spend more time riding!
Buy the CM here

"Other Stuff" menu. You can browse all of DH NorCal in a traditional e-book format cover-to-cover. Menu for e-book version of DH NorCal, for those who want to access the data in a more traditional way, or maybe just a little bedtime reading before you dream of tomorrow's rides. Each Region starts with an list of DHs (with the Regional Map on the facing page showing all the DHs/TEs).

Blue text indicates hyperlink interactivity to each DH's material.

First page of the DH5 written material in e-book form (facing page is 1 of 1/2/3 Local Map(s)).

DHs listed down the right hand side are hyperlink interactive. Any page within a Region can be "tabbed" for easy reference later.

Each Region is "thumbnailed" in its entirety. You can also call up just the pages you've "tabbed" within a Region (the little blue flag, top right on a tabbed page).
When online you can see the DH video (the "picture" to go with our 1000 words.)


When online you can see the interactive TIRES charts. Sorted in this screen shot by Twistiness.  
  Screenshot slideshow of the App  


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