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"A Godsend! Riders spend hours searching for opinions and secret roads that can be found at their fingertips in mere seconds here."

Finally, GPS that not only tells motorcyclists where they are, it guides them turn by turn to where they should be!

Full, turn-by-turn GPS navigation & routing capability now combined with the finest curated collection of NorCal motorcycle roads to give you something no other app, GPS device, website, forum, book or map can: comprehensive knowledge of where all the best roads are and what they’re like. And then guides you to and on them. Our 34,000 mi (54,000 km) of research riding in NorCal guarantees it. (With NO cell service/data plan requirement.*)

Our apps come in two versions, the GPS version shown below and the base app version. Think of the GPS version as the base app PLUS full turn-by-turn GPS capability (including route building). To get a better idea of what the GPS app gives you in total, check out the screenshots/descriptions for the base app as well.

As with the base app, many riders will want a hard-copy, synthetic Companion Map for the ”big picture” route planning context it provides. Waterproof and double the scale of most normal fold-up maps, it will speed up your use of the app and get you out riding faster, whether you want to choose the closest single DH or TE to ride or build an epic multi DH/TE route.

Once you have the app, please use “Contact Us” within the app to let us know you have the app so we can offer you a special discount on future apps as well as on buying the Companion Map from our website.

*all GPS functions are built in to the app and work off GPS satellites so the app Navigation works100% offline (ie you do NOT need cell service). The app is a beefy 1.3 GB so please allow up to 50 min download time to your device(s) with high speed internet. Have your device(s) mating with your router and load each device one at a time. Apparently, it's a good general rule that your device should have 2.0 GB of available "free" memory to run apps properly (Check "available Storage" in Settings/General/Usage). Minimize the number of apps you have open when running any true GPS app.



What riders say:

"If you ride motorcycles on-road in NorCal, treat yourself to this app. Highly recommended! I have used the books/Companion Maps for years. The best way to plan anything from a one hour twisty ride to a several day tour."

"Your book, map, and the GPS iPhone/Pad app really help to make my route planning easier."

"I've been playing around with the app for a bit. It works great and I really like the feature of being able to link to the video footage. Great job and thanks again for the app!!!"

"This thing is great. I have the books maps and now digital! These guides save time and make for more ride time!"

"Won a copy of DH NorCal app and have it on my iPad. It's phenomenal!"

see DH NorCal testimonials

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(NOTE: if you have both iPhone/Pad devices, the app will install on both)
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The following are GPS DH NorCal iPad screenshots. Click on any image to enlarge it. Click on enlarged image to remove it.

The GPS DH NorCal app introductory "home page", your gateway to the finest curated collection of 334 Destination Highway (DH) and Twisted Edge (TE) motorcycle roads in Northern California.

Always along for the ride, nestled in one tiny corner of your iPhone/Pad/Pad mini, ready for when you need it to guide you turn by turn to and along NorCal’s best motorcycle roads.

“Browse” the GPS map to either find nearby DHs/TEs to ride one at a time or to easily build a complex multi DH/TE route. Or use "Find" to search for DHs/TEs.

Above the GPS map is framed to show all of California, with the colored boundaries for NorCal's 11 Regions toggled on (in Menu/Service Overlays). The Destination Highway (DH) ID boxes always display, no matter at what zoom level you choose to “Browse”.
The GPS map is now framed to include just the 11 Regions in DH NorCal,

The DH icons now start to separate from each other.
Even at this zoomed out level, all the important information you need for the DHs, including adding them to a route you are building, is available at the touch of a DH icon. In this case DH42.


Touch the right-hand side of the DH42 menu box, and you are presented with several options:
“Show Details” will give you everything you need to know about DH42 (see “Show details” for DH30 below).

Not a router? Just want to pick a single DH and get riding? Check whatever DH “Show Details” you want, then choose "Go To & Nav On"; the app will switch from “Browse” to Nav mode, zoom in and lay down a pink turn-by-turn track from your existing position right to the closest end of DH42, and then along every inch of it! And when you get to the end of DH42, touch another icon nearby and… repeat. All. Day. Long.

“Show Local Map(s)” places DH42 in context with other nearby DHs/TEs using our traditional maps (see examples for DH30 below).
Zoomed it to frame just the green-bordered Yosemite Region with the DH icons now nicely spread out.
Zoom in just a bit more than the full Yosemite and both the red DH tracks and TE icons display.


Zoom in a little more and the orange TE tracks also display. Zooming in further will display all the (non-DH/TE) connecting  roads. Touch any TE icons offers up the same options as when you touch a DH icon.
"Show Details" gives you everything you need to know about DH30. "Show Local Map(s) from the previous screen shot (or directly from the DH30 icon in “Browse”). In the case of DH30 and its affiliated TEs, there are 3 local maps (this is "I", you can see "II" and "III" by swiping to them.

Notice the “Regional Map” button top right.
The "Regional Map" helps give you more context (have we mentioned the hard-copy Companion Map in this regard?). Notice the "State Maps" button top right.

The Half-State Map situates the Yosemite Region in context with the other 11 Regions (ie where exactly the hell are we?), Notice the "Companion Map" button top right?

(We’re not going to show the CM here because it’s well covered in the screen shots for the base app. Did we mention you might also want a hard copy of the CM?)

"Find DHs and TEs by..." (the options shown) is a more systematic alternative to using “Browse” to find DHs and TEs. The results display in order of how far away they are from either your current GPS position in CA or the last map center of “Browse”.

The last two options list all DHs/TEs in order of proximity to either your current GPS position in CA or the center of the last “Browse” screen.

"Find DHs and TEs by... DH Number". When you touch one of the DHs or TEs from the resulting list display, you get the same options as when you touched an icon in “Browse” (minus "Add Waypoint To Route" which is specifically designed to work in “Browse”).

You also have "Show On Map" which displays the DH/TE end to end in “Browse”.
Hardcore routers will appreciate how easy it is to build a route from “Browse” or "Find..." (or a combination of both.

Let's say you're heading from Turlock CA to Twain Hart CA via good ‘ol Coulterville (love that Jeffry Hotel). You've never ridden DH70TE-A before, so you choose "Add entire TE to Route, start at SW end".

(To add a part of a DH/TE to a route, you use waypoint routing. Waypoint routing is also used to add "off DH/TE" places or towns that may be important for you to include in a route.)

You touch the Turlock - Twain Harte route (added previously) to add DH70TE-A as the first piece in the route.

All your routes in "My Routes" are presented as options to add to when you chose "Add entire TE to Route, start at XX end".


This entire route composed of a mix of entire TEs and waypoints for partial DH/TEs was built in less than 3 min entirely in “Browse”.

"Menu/Preview Route" is used to check the route in ““Browse” after each segment is added or once all segments are added.

You can delete/add/edit routes until you're satisfied with it in "Preview Route". Then, just choose "Go To & Navigate Route".

“Menu/Preview Route” (Turlock - Twain Harte). Notice our current GPS position in Turlock, lower left.

“Preview Route” defaults to showing your route framed from start to finish. You may want to zoom in closer to be sure your route goes exactly where you want it to go (it’s still GPS, after all !)

When satisfied with your route, you select "My Routes/Menu/Go To & Navigate Route". The app will switch to Navigate mode and guide you the fastest way possible to the first segment, in this case DH70TE-A. (We zoomed out here to show Turlock and DH70TE-A. Normally in Nav mode, you’d be in tighter and all the linking connector streets/roads would show.)

We found that the "+ & -" zoom in/out controls often work wearing light summer gloves, which is handy. Though we keep, and use, a rubber-tipped stylus on a retractable device clipped to our jackets.

You can "Find Dealers" by brand and by search radius, or search for a dealer you know by name. Then the app will guide you straight there (or you have the option of incorporating it into a route).
You just realised you have only two days back rubber left (its probably actually less than that) and you want to prep a dealer to get the tire in you prefer and speed up your in/out time? Phone 'em. You can also "Find" other services just like you can Dealers, and incorporate them into routes if you want. Use “Browse”/Menu/Service Overlays to display specific services in “Browse” when you need them. In this screen shot, Gas stations and Restaurants are toggled on.
Toggling on Dealers in “Browse”/Menu/Service Overlays in addition to Restaurants and Gas stations. Dealers, Gas and Restaurants displayed in “Browse”.

(The non DH/TE connector roads not shown at this zoom level in “Browse” do show when you zoom in more or when you switch to Nav mode.)

 When you need a service, just touch the icon in “Browse”, choose “Go To” and the app will take you there.


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