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 DH1 (Non Feature DH)
Readers Rating: No. of Ratings: 15 
Distance: 78.3 km / 48.5 mi Traffic: Very Light

Video is optimized for broadband access. Wide-angle lenses used to record video straighten the curves out. For a truer sense of twistiness watch the mirror dip .

At a Glance

In our humble opinion, this is the best motorcycle road in southern B.C. Even if you’re a glutton for twistiness, DH1 will test your appetite for turns. After beginning with a light starter up the east side of the fertile Creston Valley, the Ministry of Highway’s head chef serves up a never-ending feast of curves, sweepers and esses along the shores of Duck and Kootenay Lakes. If you have a choice, put away your Fat Boy and unsheath the ZX9R. But whatever your dry weight, come prepared to overindulge. Beautiful water and mountain scenery are almost always in view, traffic is light and development consists of the occasional pub or other service. The only thing not perfect about this DH is the pavement, but in B.C., no doubt you’ve ridden far worse. Take it from us, you won’t find a better riding experience anywhere in the province. Okay, so maybe our opinion’s not so humble after all.
Riders Reviews:

"Mackie and I had some ride on this road. 1982, enroute to S.F. hauling ass. Moore on his 650 Seca Turbo. Semi -Moore by, space, semi, I'm gone, late move semi's dipping, DIVE, I'm clear, WHOA WHO IN THE HELL NIPPED IN BEHIND Mackie. We still ride it!! Still a great road." -G Scanlon

"Rode this DH in late August and had a complete gas. Pavement as good as in Alberta. Did it both ways the same day even though it was midnight on the way back. (That, is light traffic.) Will be back for more next summer and can't wait." -Derek and the Midnight Riders

"I rode this DH on my FJR1300. It was definitely the highlight of my summer routes. A beautiful run out to the ferry terminal." --Doug

"Without fore-knowledge of what road we were on, my wife and I rode DH1 in BOTH directions while touring hot springs resorts in south-eastern BC this August. Half way along DH1 (north-bound) we pulled over to take a pic of the outstanding scenery. When we stopped I wondered (out loud) where this would fit in the DH listings... I knew it had to be up there!
After an overnight stay in Ainsworth, we took the ferry back for a soutward ride of this magnificent road. We met another couple (from BC) on the ferry, who informed us that the road had indeed been rated DH1 for BC. We're fans of the Destination Highways books and regular riders of Washington's DH1 (Hwy 20)... 

I found the pavement to be in a generally good state of repair. Speed limits were WAY too conservative. We rode DH1 north on a Sunday. Very few pylons to slow us down (except for one that had gone off the road and was being tow trucked out). Having seen the way things were on Sunday, we hit the road a bit more aggressively on our south-bound return on Monday. Lots more fun when you (ahem...) stretch the traffic laws!" --Grinch

"I did this in July and it was by far the best road I've ever experienced!" -Jason Voorhees

"Ah yes DH1. Rode it last weekend for the first and second time...once each direction. It is awesome, tons o curves and you don't need to go stupid fast to have a good time."-RMR

"What an awesome road! We didn't find the pavement that bad. Really enjoyed the camaraderie at the ferry with other riders. What a blast!"
-Dietmar Sedens

"I did this road in 1985 on my Maxim 1100 on its first ride out of the box.  It was great then, no traffic and new pavement. So when I bought my new Valkrie, I had to go back. With my son on my old Maxim and I on my new Valk we started in Revelstoke at 8am and headed south (via DH35, DH73, DH56, DH5and DH60). DH1 was a little rougher and had a little more traffic than I remember but the riding was great.  My son started riding only 3 weeks before and this was his first overnight ride. He is hooked!  It's amazing what a road can do. We finished our ride that day at 3 am, 1200 kms later, in Edmonton."--Tom Richardson

"Truly one of the most memorable and exciting experiences I've had in motorcycling.  I haven't ridden much of interior B.C. outside of the Kootenays but I have ridden most of North America and this one rates with the best.  I recommend a stop at the Creston museum first to get a feel for the history of the area and to enhance the riding experience. The great caution is the crumbling, gravel strewn road conditions.  The BMW and I love this type of environment.  I feel that it adds an extra dimension to the game. My friends on Ducatis and Japanese sport bikes might not agree as their weapons seem better suited to smooth pavement.  Be wary of the traffic.  Although sparse, it has a tendency to pile up behind slower vehicles making passing tricky in the sections with multiple tight corners.  Enjoy!"-Billy The Biker 

"Worth driving out from Vancouver just to do this one. After you take the ferry across to Balfour (if you do the road south to north), drive north to Ainsworth Hot Springs. This caps the day perfectly. Be sure to check in at the cabins 2-4K before Ainsworth. Ask for Linda, enjoy a fire after the dip in the springs. Love it..."-Tom Badry 

"Certainly one of the great roads in the province, but watch for all of the blind access points."-Byron Keith Wilson  

"I take to this area every year on my VFR800. My favourite biking experience, bar none. I discovered this remarkable road about 20 years ago on my way to San Francisco. I love this road. It's thrilling to ride the mood and feel changes every 10 kms. Talk nice to the ferry workers and maybe offer them a coffee. They know the local speed tax collectors routes. Seems to me the South Kootenays rule."-Blair Mackie 

"Best riding road around and ties in nicely with others. Only road more spectacular is the "Highway to the Sun" in Montana. And one other road, the Amalfi Penisula drive, but you have to go to Italy for that one!"-Brian "Big Kat" Smith

"Missed it this summer, but I'll be back...."-Crash