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 DH4 (Non Feature DH)
Readers Rating: No. of Ratings:10 
Distance: 85.9 km / 53.3 mi Traffic: Moderate

Video is optimized for broadband access. Wide-angle lenses used to record video straighten the curves out. For a truer sense of twistiness watch the mirror dip .

At a Glance

Donít you love it when they pave old mining roads? Especially when the curves arenít straightened, but lovingly refined. Mature forests, winding lakeside stretches, and snowy mountains shape this diamond in the wilderness. Passing through Strathcona Provincial Park, B.C.ís oldest and Vancouver Islandís largest park, youíll enjoy the many secluded stretches graced by usually excellent pavement. And with the closure of the pulp mill in Gold River, the only traffic youíll see is probably going the other way. The only visible flaws on this gem are the long straightaway past Upper Campbell Lake and the development on the outskirts of Campbell River. But all things considered, this polished treasure may be the best ride on Vancouver Island.


Riders Reviews:

"This road is every sport bikers little bit of heaven on earth. From twisty to high speed open class, this has it all....." --Scott

"This is still one great road, the best on the Island but they are not doing a great job of patching the pavement. Next time I may just pass and head to DH55 - that one is also remote and the pavement rocks!" --Horst

"Probably our best road on the island, though slapping on your warm/heated gear and riding to Long Beach on DH27 in the off-season (read: no road turds as Max Burns puts it) is a close second. If you're just riding for a day trip, you might not want to go all the way to the end. After you make the right turn and cross the bridge over Buttle Narrows, you can enjoy the next few km's until the twisties mellow out. Then turn around, come back across the bridge, and turn RIGHT on TE-A down the eastern shoreline of Buttle Lake. Great road, zero traffic, and nice provincial campsite towards the end on the lake." - Gord Hooker '00 VFR800

ďThis road is fantastic! After riding all the top 10 DHs (except DH7), I would rate it my second favourite, after DH2. Rode it on Good Friday 04 and we only had to pass 4 cars in 88km (and the 13km of TE-B to the inlet). Love that Remoteness! If I could own one piece of road in the province this would be it. Don't miss it!!Ē  --Glenn Henderson

"Awesome road! Lots of twisties and practically no traffic. Twisty section after the Buttle Lake bridge is heaven. Continue on to Muchalat Inlet (to the end of TE-B), it's an interesting valley with waterfalls and a great view of the inlet."-Ron Scott 

"I rank this road way up there in sportbike heaven!!! It has great pavement, great scenery, very little traffic, very little law enforcement, and fabulous & plentiful twisties. I have ridden extensively from Vancouver Island, were I live, through to Calgary over the years and am thrilled to have this beauty in my back yard." -David Hill 

"Awesome! That's all there is to it." -Steve 

"Worth every mile of the drive up from Victoria!  I rode one way for sport and the other for views. Use caution; one riding buddy broke his leg when he went low side to high side over a bank! It's a long wait for an ambulance way out at Campbell Lake!"  -Gary