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 DH8 (Non Feature DH)
Readers Rating: No. of Ratings: 2 
Distance: 17.5 km / 10.9 mi Traffic: Light

Video is optimized for broadband access. Wide-angle lenses used to record video straighten the curves out. For a truer sense of twistiness watch the mirror dip .

At a Glance

Roads which service ski hills often have a strong tendency to be steep, tight, and poorly paved. Frequently, they’re covered with gravel and sand left over from the ski season. There are exceptions, however, and this one is noteworthy. At 16.8 km (10.6 mi), the only rub on this DH the length of the ride, which can be doubled easily if you access it by way of Hwy 19 north of Courtenay. Exacting engineering, impeccable pavement, magazine-cover S-curve combos and a million-dollar view over the Comox Valley and Strait of Georgia on the way down make this diminutive highway one of the best rides in southern B.C..
Riders Reviews:

"This ride to has some awesome views of up-island and the Straight of Georgia and is a treat not only for the description you have already given it in your book, but because it allows you to access walks & mountain bike trails to some of the most incredible alpine areas on Vancouver Island. You can take the Resort chair lift to the top of the ski field all summer and view almost the entire Island and clearly across to the Sunshine Coast. If you start your ride from downtown Courtenay, the road is in the same excellent, curve riding condition and adds another 11 km to the ride making it a sweet 28km (56 km return trip). Because you are literally climbing a mile high going up, the trip down is completely different from the one up and just as breathtaking. The local folks love it! I've ridden all over BC and the entire country of New Zealand on several different machines numerous times and I have to say, when I need to move my blood around, clear my head and get away from the city, I head up this little gem of a road and come back totally refreshed - try it! Hey, and if you haven't come to the Comox Valley via the new 4 lane Vancouver Island Highway 19 it is great, but the windy "Oceanside Route 19A" is now quiet and relaxing without the trucks, and follows the ocean from Parksville to the Comox Valley." -Paul Jonson.