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 DH35 (Non Feature DH)
Readers Rating: No. of Ratings: 1 
Distance: 47.3 km / 29.3 mi Traffic: Light

Video is optimized for broadband access. Wide-angle lenses used to record video straighten the curves out. For a truer sense of twistiness watch the mirror dip .

At a Glance

Some roads are like an old friend-- comfortable to be with, welcoming and dependable. Even if you’ve never been on this easygoing DH before, you’ll feel right at home. The inviting pavement has been well engineered into long, laid-back sweepers along the west side of Upper Arrow Lake between Revelstoke and the Shelter Bay ferry. Although better endowed than DH73, its poorer cousin across the lake, there is a family resemblance. The curves are gentle, there’s agreeable lake and mountain scenery, and the modest traffic comes and goes with the ferry. And if the company ever seems a little subdued, you can always light up the party with your right hand.
Riders Reviews:

"I agree with your characterization of the road as "an old friend" because it felt like that for me. After thundering up the perpetually "under-construction" Trans-Canada from Kamloops, it was a delight to turn right and head south on pristine, no-bulldozers-in-sight DH35. Also, no cars, no moose, no RVs, just 47 klicks of well-tended, gently curvy blacktop to the ferry at Shelter Bay, where I met folks keen to talk about the ride. A fine ride with lots of scenery that I would recommend to anyone heading south into the Kootenays. On the other side of the ferry crossing, DH73 is just as fine, especially for big-bore riders looking to toast some carbon. Not an STC in sight." -Clive Mostyn
(Editor's Note: Don't count on no STCs, Clive. There is an RCMP detachment in Nakusp and them boys can get testy.)