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 DH38 (Non Feature DH)
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Distance: 17.9 km / 11.1 mi Traffic: Light

Video is optimized for broadband access. Wide-angle lenses used to record video straighten the curves out. For a truer sense of twistiness watch the mirror dip .

At a Glance

High up in the Purcell wilderness park, Toby Creek begins its long journey down to the Columbia River. And the majestic Purcell Mountains provide a fitting backdrop for one of the most stimulating stretches of pavement youíll find anywhere, especially in the second half when it winds directly along the creek. Although a little rough in spots, the road is well maintained and we found it almost entirely clear of the gravel and debris common to ski hill approaches. Need more? The recently developed four-season Panorama Resort waits for you at the top. At 17.9 km, (11.1 mi), this is one of southern B.C.ís shortest DHs; itís also one of the sweetest.
Riders Reviews:
"I drove this road every day for 3 years when I worked at Panorama but unfortunately it was before I got my bike! Now I ride it once aweek and I love every minute of it. Most of the rough spots in the pavement have been fixed and even when its 36C out it's still cool down by the creek. An excellent ride!"-- Erik