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 DH23 (Non Feature DH)
Readers Rating: No. of Ratings: 3 
Distance: 52.6 km (32.6 mi) Traffic: Very Light

Video is optimized for broadband access. Wide-angle lenses used to record video straighten the curves out. For a truer sense of twistiness watch the mirror dip .

At a Glance

Nirvana? Well, not quite. But like any spiritual journey, this DH just keeps getting better the further you go. Although you don’t see much ethereal scenery, the blacktop is new age and it is possible to find God in its blissful curves. You’ll need some positive karma though: the burgeoning population of the Gibsons-Sechelt corridor generates a veritable host of lost souls, each driving their own leather-upholstered SUV. It's probably a good plan to begin your quest before the haj of pilgrims, every 90 minutes or so, off the Langdale ferry. If it’s car-free meditation you seek, you can escape the noise and confusion-- not to mention the speed tithe collectors—by exploring a few of this DH’s six TEs. Better yet, try being first off the ferry from the Earls Cove end. Here you’ll find a little piece of paved heaven: a divine surface to be sacrificed in curve after multiple curve beneath the altar of your side treads. Go down on your knees-- one at a time, naturally-- and give thanks.
Riders Reviews:

"You can spend a whole day enjoying these roads on the Sunshine Coast. Road condition's excellent, especially when nearing Earl's Cove. It's like these roads were build by a biker. As much fun as Duffey Lake but more fun. Try and catch early ferry to avoid traffic as it gets very busy as the day goes along." -Randy

"Get off the ferry (from Horseshoe Bay) at Langdale and barrel up to Egmont ahead of the traffic. go to the marina at the end of TE-E, have a beer and the best fish and chips and head on back in time for the 6:00 sailing (back to Horseshoe Bay). One of the best day trips going..."  -Matt Parsons

"Make sure you get on the ferry with a full gas tank, because you don't want the ferry traffic passing you as you fill up on the other side. If you're starting from the north end, beware the first sharp left hander. It's the only corner that is not properly marked with a yellow speed caution sign. Take it in 3rd gear and you'll be swimming in Ruby Lake! The passing lane just north of Garden Bay (the first one you hit heading south from Earl's Cove ferry) is 60km/hr and often has an Speed Tax Collector lurking in the weeds at the top of the hill. Pay close attention to the speed caution signs if you are playing Squidly, Boy Racer. The pavement and engineering are excellent, but there are some first gear corners on this road. Scars on the guard rails are testimony to those seduced by this little piece of heaven. With due regard to a previous reviewer who recommended fish and chips at the Back Eddy Pub, I would also suggest the option of a side trip to the end of TE-D to savour the salmon burger at Irvines Landing Pub." -Bandit Bruce