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 DH3 (Non Feature DH)
Readers Rating: No. of Ratings: 27 
Distance: 89.8 km / 55.7 mi Traffic: Light

Video is optimized for broadband access. Wide-angle lenses used to record video straighten the curves out. For a truer sense of twistiness watch the mirror dip .

At a Glance

Where speed tax collectors fear to tread? While we canít guarantee anything, weíve never seen any on this road. Itís easy to see why theyíre afraid of debasing this DH with their presence. The power of this challenging road is obvious from the moment you embark upon the long, corkscrew climb out of the Pemberton Valley. As you venture into the spectacular mountains of the Cayoosh Range, the barrage of curves is intense. They donít let up when you pass along the dramatic shoreline of Duffey Lake, or even in the final section where youíll be awestruck by the spectacular, winding canyon descent to the town of Lillooet. True, engineering can be quirky and pavement quality can vary markedly from one season to the next. However, itís simply impossible to resist the combination of zero development, sensational scenery and endless, diverse twisties. Perhaps the STCs are up here, after all. We just donít recognize them when theyíre off duty, decked out in full leathers, aboard ZX12s.


Riders Reviews:

"One amazing road! Next time I will be sure ride it earlier in the year so that the cold doesn't impinge quite so much on the ride. Will definitely do this DH again, but next time will try to work in a ride both ways. Watch for broken pavement and kicked up gravel on some apexes. Very highly recommended!" --Rae Runge

"Simply awesome! Beautiful scenery, tons-o-twisties and minimal traffic, although the odd RV can get in the way. Only criticism is the less than ideal pavement but it certainly wasn't awful either. Perfect circle day- trip from anywhere in the lower mainland. Very highly recommended!" --Randy G

"It's awesome! What a thrill to take those curves and the scenery is fantastic. I'll try to make another trip soon." --Dave A 

"Rode DH34, 28, 13 & 3 on the May long weekend under near perfect riding incredible experience! The road conditions on DH3 vary, with rare spots of loose gravel but overall this trip is a must ride. I've ridden the Alps and I can say that this offers just as good a riding experience." --Anon

"I rode DH3 on Oct 1 and after riding through gold leaves and powdery autumn skies all day, I said to myself if this was my last ride ever, it was good enough!"-Bob W

"I set out from Coquitlam late Sunday afternoon for a ride not knowing where I was going. I headed west towards the Sea to Sky Hwy. I told myself I would turn back at Whistler, nah Pemberton. It was such a nice day I just continued onto Duffy Lake, then Lillooet. Next thing ya know I was in Lytton! Back to Coquitlam through the Fraser Canyon and arrived home just after 11pm. Wow!!! What a wonderful 6 DH ride. DH3 is one of the best roads I have ridden on. The only regret I have is not leaving earlier in the day so I could stop and enjoy the great scenery along the way." --GS

"A must ride but plan a full day from Vancouver. Fun starts through to Whistler on very nice DHs. After Pemberton, watch for loose gravel and a slightly rougher DH with lots of twisty turns. Awesome mountains, lakes and scenic variety on this ride to Lillooet." --Randy O

"This is a must-do road on the trip from Calgary to Whistler. There was little traffic, no STCs, incredible scenery and it's a ride to challenge even the most jaded/experienced rider. Be prepared for 40 degree C+ in Lillooet, though. With 20 years of sport-riding under my belt all over Canada, I can honestly say this is one of the best motorcycle roads in the country. If you haven't ridden it, put it high on your list!"-Matt Walker

"Awesome, twisty ride with very beautiful mountains and countryside."-Randy

"Awesome highway! I haven't ridden DH1 or 2 yet so as it stands, this is my favorite in BC so far. Directionally I like heading from the west (sun and curves). Beautiful scenery. Starting to get some tourist traffic but it's not too busy yet. Watch for gravel on corners on the Mt.Currie Reserve. Up high, be wary of rocks on road but don't let the thought spoil a good line on a curve."-Scott Ashton

"I have ridden (and driven) this road often and every time it is amazing!!"-Dave Tanchak

"I rode from Kamloops to Powell River in one day. This was by far the best ride of the day for scenery and fun-on-2-wheels. An awesome bit of road that'll definitely keep you awake."-Bruce Gemmell

"Beautiful road to bicycle - a torturous constant climb up to Joffre Lakes from the Pemberton side with a long sloping descent to Cayoosh Creek."-Warren Dueck 

"Most parts of this road are truly amazing, while others leave me wishing for a larger guardrail! It is an awesome ride."-Jason Street 

"I can't really say too much about this road. I crashed on a blind corner four years ago. I can tell you that from what I did ride I had a blast -until the crash, but you know how it is!" -Rusty Townsend  

"Happiness is getting off the ferry at Horseshoe Bay and turning left to head for the Duffey. This is just the start of a series of great choices that continue after Lillooet. On to Lytton or Cache Creek, and on and on..."-Ross Brown  

"Been on this road over a dozen times. If you live in Vancouver and have not driven this road... shame shame... A great trip includes this road with a stop overnight near Lillooet and then continuing on the next day...Love her..." --Tom Badry  

"I have ridden this road in both directions, and will be riding it again this summer.  A certain feeling of absolute wilderness will leave you wondering if you should slow down and take in the scenery, or stay focused on the task at hand.  Great road indeed!" -Pat Gorbich 

"One of the best roads you'll encounter - on two wheels or four. Weather can be quite variable and could affect the experience considerably. Be careful - this is rugged territory. Flatlanders beware."-Jeffrey Hay