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Feature Destination Highway: 

 DH3Mount Currie - Lillooet 
 Duffey Lake Road  (Hwy 99)

DH1 DH30 DH60
DH2 DH31 DH61
DH3 DH32 DH62
DH4 DH33 DH63
DH5 DH34 DH64
DH6 DH35 DH65
DH7 DH36 DH66
DH8 DH37 DH67
DH9 DH38 DH68
DH10 DH39 DH69
DH11 DH40 DH70
DH12 DH41 DH71
DH13 DH42 DH72
DH14 DH43 DH73
DH15 DH44 DH74
DH16 DH45 DH75
DH17 DH46 DH76
DH18 DH47 DH77
DH19 DH48 DH78
DH20 DH49 DH79
DH21 DH50 DH80
DH22 DH51 DH81
DH23 DH52 DH82
DH24 DH54 DH83
DH25 DH55 DH83
DH26 DH56 DH84
DH27 DH57 DH85
DH28 DH58  
DH29 DH59  

agro (adj) aggressive
amped (adv) excited
Cycle Canada (prop n)  Canadian motorcycle magazine
Dali, Salvador (prop n) (1904-1989) artist. Founder of surrealism. Bike of choice: unknown
Deere, John (prop n) manufacturer of baseball caps and farm equipment
Duhamel, Miguel (prop n) awe-inspiring Canadian superbike racer
forty pounder (n) 40 oz bottle of liquor (Cdn)
Freud, Sigmund (prop n) (1856-1939) psychiatrist. Father of psychoanalysis. Liked his leathers with extra long fringes.
Graypeace (prop n) Non-profit society dedicated to the preservation and development of twisty paved roads. Still in organizational stages.
gripped gumby (n) neophyte rock climber in state of fright
iron butt (v) to ride long distances. Derived from bi-annual U.S. Iron Butt endurance race
Little House on the Prairie (prop n) maudlin 1970's TV show set in the old west. No paved roads.
McAdam, John Loudon (prop n) inventor of modern asphalt (or macadam)
maxburns (v) to ride on gravel. From Max Burns (1904 - ), renowned Canadian motorcycle writer and gravel aficionado
maxburner (n) one who likes to maxburns
maxburnism (n) gravel-based belief system
neveressing (adj) unlinked, as in curves
newbie (n) beginner
Ozzie and Harriet (n) 1950's version of Homer and Marge Simpson
pylon (n) any vehicle with more than two wheels, i.e. cars, RVs, trucks, buses.
raison d'etre (fr) reason for being
R.C.M.P. (abb) Revenue Collecting Motorized Patrol
Revenue Collecting Motorized Patrol

(n) Royal Canadian Mounted Police                   

rickt (adj) radical or extreme
road apple (n) clump of horse manure
STC (abb) see speed tax collector
set (n) a series of waves
Spandex (n) goofy clothing material favoured by bicyclists
speed tax collector (n) one who collects speed taxes on behalf of a government. Usually a police officer.
squid (n) someone who rides crazier than you do
tar snake (n) motorcycling hazard created where the Ministry of Highways cheaps out and uses tar to fill road cracks, rather than laying fresh pavement. Particularly dangerous on hot or wet days.
tar strip (n) see tar snake
Tilley Hat (n) practical Canadian summer headwear, especially popular among those with absolutely no sense of style
TIRES (acr) Total Integrated Road Evaluation System
unpavement (n) gravel
yellow-striper (n) see speed tax collector