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Feature Destination Highway: 

 DH3Mount Currie - Lillooet 
 Duffey Lake Road  (Hwy 99)

DH1 DH30 DH60
DH2 DH31 DH61
DH3 DH32 DH62
DH4 DH33 DH63
DH5 DH34 DH64
DH6 DH35 DH65
DH7 DH36 DH66
DH8 DH37 DH67
DH9 DH38 DH68
DH10 DH39 DH69
DH11 DH40 DH70
DH12 DH41 DH71
DH13 DH42 DH72
DH14 DH43 DH73
DH15 DH44 DH74
DH16 DH45 DH75
DH17 DH46 DH76
DH18 DH47 DH77
DH19 DH48 DH78
DH20 DH49 DH79
DH21 DH50 DH80
DH22 DH51 DH81
DH23 DH52 DH82
DH24 DH54 DH83
DH25 DH55 DH83
DH26 DH56 DH84
DH27 DH57 DH85
DH28 DH58  
DH29 DH59  

What is Destination Highways B.C.?

A Destination Highway, simply put, is a road you’d travel to, to journey on. And Destination Highways B.C. is the most comprehensive guidebook ever produced for the motorcycle enthusiast touring British Columbia motorcycle roads. 

Using TIRES, or the Total Integrated Road Evaluation System, Destination Highways B.C. rates roads and highways from the motorcyclist’s special perspective. TIRES identifies and evaluates road elements-- some obvious, some not-- that, together, determine if a road is good enough to be called a Destination Highway.

In evaluating a road, TIRES counts and categorizes every curve, classifies every kilometre (0.62 miles) of pavement, and assesses overall engineering. It also rates the scenic quality, remoteness, and character of a road. All these factors combine to determine a road’s total TIRES rating out of 100. With this total, the road earns its DH number-- its ranking among southern B.C.’s 85 Destination Highways.

While the total rating of every Destination Highway shows how one DH compares to another overall, that isn’t always enough. Two roads with close, or even identical total ratings, may offer entirely different riding experiences. So TIRES goes further, providing a detailed breakdown invaluable for riders who prefer a specific type of road. Looking for twisties? Is it that remote, biking-in-Canada experience you seek? Are you a stickler for smooth pavement? TIRES lays it all out for you.

However, even TIRES doesn’t tell the whole story. The numeric ratings are complemented by a written description of the unique riding experience each Destination Highway offers. At a Glance gives you get a succinct profile of the DH’s most noteworthy features. Access tells you how to get there. On the Road is an in-depth, kilometre-by-kilometre chronicle of the ride.

What about roads that aren’t quite worth "travelling to, to journey on" but are worth checking out if you happen to be in the neighbourhood? In addition to the 85 Destination Highways, DH BC guides you to 100 Twisted Edges. Located close to DHs, these may be quiet, bypass routes that offer alternatives to major highways, access roads to out of the way lakes, parks or tourist attractions, or just winding dead-enders that gravel out in the middle of nowhere.

Of course, there’s more to motorcycling than smooth, twisty, traffic-free roads. Both you and your machine need fuel and maintenance. Whether you’re in immediate need of a bike shop, accommodation, campground, restaurant, gas station, or the nearest pub, Destination Highways B.C. answers the call, providing indispensable service information of special importance to motorcyclists, all shown on our easy-to-use LO-LITE maps. Spiral-bound and specially sized, Destination Highways B.C. fits a standard tank bag map window. With a wealth of information clearly displayed, Destination Highways B.C. provides all the tools you need to find and enjoy your favourite Destination Highway.

Journey on.